Expressive Asian Decor Ideas




Use decorative letter transfers to decorate your Asia-inspired room

Have you heard about decorative lettering, the fast and easy way to add a unique touch to any room in your home? If you havenít yet heard how much fun it is to add words on a wall, youíre missing out on the latest home decorating trend.

Donít worry Ė decorative lettering and decorative wall calligraphy arenít politically correct terms for graffiti. Nor are they acceptable terms to use when you discover your child has taken crayons to your walls. Itís the easiest, most creative thing you can do to your walls and other smooth surfaces including mirrors, wood, and glass.

Just how easy it is to transfer a quote to a wall? It takes less time to apply letter transfers to walls than it does to create your message. Thatís because you have so many options. Not only can you select from a huge collection of stock sayings and quotations, you can create your own personalized lettering transfers.

Whether itís the word ďDreamĒ that you place on the wall over your bed or the familiar saying ďLive well, Laugh often, Love muchĒ that you place in your entryway for all who enter your home to see, decorative wall sayings say it all.

Once youíve finally put together your message, you get to decorate it. Remember, itís called decorative lettering. You get to select one of over 80 different fonts for your message. You also get to coordinate the color of your message with the walls where it will be applied. You have 40 different color options!

When it arrives, simply unroll your message onto the wall, rub-on the lettering which has already been measured out, properly spaced and pre-cut, then stand back and admire your wall of words.

Decorative letter transfers are easy to apply and when the time comes, theyíre even easy to remove!

Personalized lettering transfers are easier to use than stencils and better looking than wooden letters. Try it today! You can make up your own custom quote or you can choose from over 1100 standard quotes and phrases by clicking below: